Top Music Apps For Your PlayStation 4

Since the advancement in technology, companies are finding ways to add more features in their gaming consoles. Modern gaming consoles are packed with tons of features and music streaming is one of them. Sony has experimented with music services on its console in the past and had positive results. Like its previous models, the PlayStation 4 also provides media streaming and here are so good apps to go with it.


VidZoneTMPlayStation 4 doesn’t have support for CDs and there is no service like YouTube yet to cover it up. Here comes VidZone app to take care of this problem. The apps let you enjoy your favorite music videos from all over the world with only a very little subscription fee. The app gives you:

• Artists Interviews
• Custom Playlists
• Concerts
• My Zone (videos library)
• What’s New (lists recent activity on app)
• Sharing Site Support

The app is fully designed for PlayStation 4, so it works very well with it in terms of start-up time and navigation. You can easily find your favorite music, playlists and videos without any hassle.

PS4 Prices

Great details of current PS4 prices from Malaysia Guider. The PS4’s price in West is $399 in United States, 399 EUR in Europe, £349 in United Kingdom. While in Asia is ¥34,980 in Japan, RM1,799 in Malaysia, HK$3380 in Hong Kong and Rs. 39,990 in India. Follow Malaysia Guider’s Facebook to keep yourself updated with the latest prices of PS4.

Music Unlimited


PlayStation 4 has a great feature that lets you enjoy your favorite music while playing games on the console. You can mute the in-game background music and play your own music instead. Sony provides this service through Music Unlimited app that has a very large collection of songs. You can create your playlist and easily search for the right music.

It is a letdown that Sony has not made available Spotify or Pandora for PlayStation 4. Many users have criticized this decision of Sony, but the company made it clear that their focus was on their own music service, specially designed for PlayStation 4; something that Microsoft has also done.

SpotifySpotify cannot be made available on PlayStation 4 through any way, but you can get Pandora through browser. However, the interface is based on HTML5, so you need to visit their site to play music. You can use the select button on your console to bookmark songs.

You have the music facility to play music on your PlayStation 4, but what good it is if you don’t have any good mediums to listen it. You have plenty of options that you can use to enhance your listening experience. You can get “PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset” that is an excellent way to enjoy your music. This headset features a noise-cancelling microphone. You can also get RIG headsets. These headsets might be a little expensive but provide a great gaming experience. The great part is that they are compatible with all generations of PlayStation and also can be used on other music devices and your Smartphone.